Private Car Sellers

Private car sellers are individual people who choose to sell their vehicles without the assistance of a dealership. People may use any of several methods to purchase their cars including online auctions, free listings and even simple word-of-mouth.

Why Buy through a Private Car Seller?

While buying a car through a dealership will always make sense in terms of financial security and peace of mind, the price often outweighs these luxuries. The single main advantage of purchasing through a private car seller is that the cost of the car will be significantly lower, and regular people are generally easier to negotiate with too. When speaking directly with the owner of the car, itís possible to learn more about the carís current condition and history. Some people wonít be honest of course, so itís always wise to be thorough when inspecting a potential new purchase.

Online Auction or Pay Sites

Online auction sites are some of the most highly utilized tools for buying and selling used vehicles. There are literally hundreds of options availableósome local, some nationalóbut the most popular sites by far are AutoTrader and eBay Motors. Sellers must pay a fee to use these sites as a method of advertisement but they are offered seller protection in exchange. For example, the seller can choose to set a reserve amountóor a minimum winning bidóbefore their cars will be sold at auction. Buyers who use these sites are also provided with safeguards; they can browse pictures of vehicles, read seller reviews and compare prices within a set price range.

Free Listings

There are several ways for private car sellers to advertise their automobilesónewspapers, Craigslist, Facebook pages and even sites like offer free listings in many cases. While this may seem like a fantastic option for the buyer and the seller, the buyer is usually unable to view photos unless the site allows for uploads or the parties can contact each other through email. Because free listings inevitably lead to a completely private sale, there is usually much more room for negotiation and the vehicles sometimes sell for less than they would at auction or in a dealership.

Roadside Vehicles

Private car sellers who only sell a vehicle once every few years or so can often benefit from attempting to sell their cars on the side of busy streets. These cars must be parked in such a way that drivers can get a reasonably good look at the car without having to stop; they must also provide ample room for a potential buyer to park their car close by in order to get a closer look. It is up to the seller to determine how much information they will provide to potential buyers; usually an asking price, contact number, and one of two of the best features can be written on the carís windshield with glass markers. As a buyer, donít be afraid to pull over and check inspect the vehicle before calling.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement these days and can be used as a fantastic avenue for both buying and selling a car. This can include friends and family passing along information to their colleagues via conversation or the use of social media outlets like Twitter, MySpace or Facebook. These sites even allow sellers to upload photos of the items they are selling in an effort to attract more buyers. Donít be afraid to ask around in case anyone knows of a car that is being sold.

As technology continues to develop, private car owners are presented with more ways to buy and sell their used cars than ever before.